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226.  EUGENE B.5 PELOT (Joseph Sealy4, James3, John Francis2, Jonas1) teacher, was born in Georgia, evidently in Savannah, about 1818, and was living in Montgomery County, Alabama in 1870.[1]  He married on 16 December 1839 SARAH M. SHELMAN, born in Georgia about 1819.[2]  They were living with their son Stephen C. Pelot in Putnam County, Georgia in 1880.[3]


He entered the grocery business with his brother, Joseph Alma, in 1837 but the venture seems to have been short lived.  At a Fourth of July celebration in 1839 in Savannah he gave a toast to the Republican Blues, "an association rightly endowed with palmatic zeal."[4]  He accompanied his brother to Alabama shortly thereafter (his son Stephen, aged 3 in 1850, was born in Alabama[5]) and became a teacher there.  The value of Eugene Pelot's teaching was related in Memories of the Mount:[6]


It was also becoming possible - for the children of the planter families, at least - to obtain a formal education.  In 1840, Eugene B. Pelot, a native of Savannah, Georgia, opened a classical school at Mt. Meigs which he operated until the outbreak of the Civil War. School-master Pelot also promoted a love of music and literature among both young and old. He married a popular Mt. Meigs girl, Sara Shellman (sic Shelman), and the Pelots did much to enliven the local scene. Aside from their other endeavors, the Pelots, in time had six daughters.[7] E. B. Pelot was well-liked and was elected Colonel of a militia unit organized at Mt. Meigs - a sure sign of esteem among the men of the community.


However much the folks at Mt. Meigs may have liked Pelot, they never knew quite what to make of him, for he was forever pulling their legs. In 1850, Tom Taylor, in a letter to Robert Tyler, recounted an after dinner discussion at Chantilly between James Cooper (a visiting railroad engineer), Albert McDonald (a local physician) and schoolmaster Pelot: Pelot and Dr. McDonald [were] at my house, and I wish you could have been here. Pelot gave us some of his ideas about astronomy, which are entirely unknown in the scientific world. Among other notions he believes that the Sun travels, goes to the Tropic of Cancer in the summer and to the Tropic of Capricorn in the winter! And that the reason why the moon is not always full is because the shadow of the earth is upon it all the time except when it is full - and that it must be so because that is how he taught it in school! ... No matter how much everybody around Mt. Meigs liked the schoolmaster, they had to wonder what sort of ideas he was putting into the heads of their children.


This census schedule shows him in Montgomery County, presumably in Mount Meigs where his brother lived.  The 1860 census gives the value of his real estate as $3,000 and of his personal property as $3,340.[8]


It is interesting to note that the 1870 Census lists a Dora Pelot living in the adjacent dwelling with her 3 year old son Henry. Dora Pelot was born circa 1846 in Virginia.[9] She is identified in the enumeration as black and as a cook. Please see Appendix II for a discussion of other Pelots in America.





i.                     Joseph J., b. 19 Dec. 1842 in Georgia, m. Frances O. ____.


ii.                   William Evans, b. 23 October 1844 in Georgia, m. Mary Vincent.


iii.                  Stephen C., b. Nov. 1847 in Alabama, m. Rebecca E. Vincent.


iv.                 Harriet (Hattie) Caroline, b. c.1852/3 in Montgomery County, Mt. Meigs, Alabama and died in 1880. She married William Howell Hearn circa 1825 in Eatonton, Georgia at the home of her brother. After her death, William Howell Hearn went on to marry two more times. He died in 1941. They had one child together (Surname Hearn):

1.      Hettie Ophelia, b. 16 November 1874 in Eatonton, Georgia. She died in Eatonton, Georgia on 16 July 1901. She married Lawrence Howell McCalla on 30 January 1895. He was born on 13 November 1864 and died on 9 October 1915 in Starr, South Carolina. Lawrence Howell McCalla was a physician. Child (surname McCalla):

a.         Lawrence Howell Jr., b. 21 August 1896 in Eatonton, Georgia and died 21 February 1971 in Greenville, South Carolina. He married Mildred Costner on 7 April 1922. She was born in Ridgeway, South Carolina on 24 February 1900 and died in Greenville, South Carolina on 31 October 1993. Following in his father’s footsteps, Lawrence Howell McCalla Jr. was a physician, as were his two sons Larry and Samuel. Children (surname McCalla):

(1)      Larry Hearn, b. 29 September 1923 in Greenville, South Carolina. He married Rachel Quarles in 1950. She was born on 10 March 1925. Children (surname McCalla):

(a)    Steven Lorick, b. 15 November 1950.

(b)   William Lawrence, b. September 1952, d. 21 August 1971 in a drowning accident

(c)    Allen, b. October 1955, married Susanne _____ in 1982. She was born in 1959.

(2)      Mary Lorick, b. 27 December 1926 in Greenville, South Carolina. She married Nelson Carter Poe III. Child (surname Poe):

(a)    Mildred, b. 27 March 1949, m. in 1974 Samuel Ray Hilemon. He was born on 19 April 1943.

(b)   Ellen Taylor, b. 27 March 1949.[10] In 1974, she married Shankar Narayan. He was born on 10 November 1950  in Palghat, India.

(c)    Susan Lorick, b. 21 April 1952, m. in 1987 Willett Pang. He was born on 1955 in Oahu Hawaii.

(d)   Wilkins Carter, b. 27 June 1957, m. Kyongcha Uh. She was born on 29 August 1956 in Korea.

(e)    Mary McCalla, b. 3 October 1959, m. in 1982 John Scott Sanders. He was b. on 20 February 1958 in Beaufort, South Carolina.

(3)      Samuel Wayne, b. 31 December 1934 in Greenville, South Carolina. He m. (1) Jane Droome, b. 1943 and (2) Dorothy Dobson, b. 1943.


v.                   Sarah Eugenia, b. c.1856 in Alabama. She m. Joseph R. Walker on 1 June 1871.[11]


vi.                 Frederick A., b. Sept. 1858 in Alabama, aged 42 (and not b. 1862) on 1900 census schedule.[12]  The 1860 census schedule carries him as aged 3.[13] In 1900, he was living unmarried in Eatonton, Putnam Co., Georgia with his brother William.


The line of Eugene B. Pelot is continued in Part VIII.




James, 1


Mildred, 1


Dorothy, 1


Jane, 1


Hettie Ophelia (b. 1874), 1

William Howell, 1


Samuel Ray, 1


Allen, 1

Larry Hearn, 1

Samuel Wayne, 1

Steven Lorick, 1

Susanne (_____), 1

William Howell, 1

William Howell Jr., 1

William Lawrence, 1

McCalla, Mary Lorick, 1


Albert, 1


Ellen Taylor (Poe), 1

Shankar, 1


Willett, 1


Dora (b., 1

Eugene B. (b., 1

Frances O. (____) (b., 1

Frederick A. (b. 1858), 2

Harriet Caroline (b., 1

Hattie (Harriet) Caroline (b., 1

Henry (b., 1

Joseph Alma (b. 1814), 1

Joseph J. (b. 1842), 1

Mary (Vincent) (b. 1848), 1

Rebecca E. (Vincent) (b. 1847), 1

Sarah Eugenia (b., 2

Sarah M. (Shelman) (b., 1

Stephen C. (b. 1847), 1

William Evans (b. 1844), 1


Ellen Taylor, 1

Mary McCalla, 1

Mildred, 1

Nelson Carter III, 1

Susan Lorick, 1

Wilkins Carter, 1


Rachel, 1


John Scott, 1


Sarah M. (b., 1


Tom, 1


Kyongcha, 1


Mary (b. 1848), 1

Rebecca E. (b. 1847), 1


Joseph R. (b. 1856?), 2


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