The section on Marianne Pelot [#7] in the Pelot Family Genealogy, pages 39-40 was based on Brice McAdoo Clagett’s Seven Centuries, Ancestors for Twenty Generations of John Brice de Treville Clagett and Ann Clavert Brooke Clagett, an unpublished 1993 manuscript, page 101. Brice has sent a correction to this section in reference to the marriage to John Limbry Lofton (John Lofton Sr.) and their daughter Phoebe. Please contact Brice Clagett at for additional details.


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You may want to add the following to your "Corrections/Additions to Pelot Family Genealogy": Ann Pelot, wife of John Limby Loftin, was NOT the mother of Phoebe Loftin, wife of Richard Hazzard and ancestress of the Floyd family of Georgia. Phoebe Loftin, daughter of John and Hannah Loftin, was born on July 11, 1750, and baptized in Prince Frederick parish, Winyah, S.C., on June 1, 1752. See The Register Book for the Parish, Prince Frederick, Winyaw (1916).


Ann Pelot was still married to her first husband, Sealy, on October 4, 1753, or at least his widow, since she is referred to as Ann Sealy in her father's will of that date. Therefore she could not have been married to Loftin in time to produce Phoebe in 1750. The "Hannah" in the baptismal record must be an approximation of Honour, not Ann.